Nitrogen Inflation

The use of purified Nitrogen to inflate tyres on passenger vehicles is a fairly new idea as this technology was initially developed for use in Formula 1 racing and aircraft tyres. However, the use of Nitrogen inflation in passenger vehicles has many significant benefits, namely:

  • Tyres inflated with pure nitrogen have no water vapour present, meaning tyre pressure will not spike during use. This leads to a tyre both with a longer life span as well as enhanced safety and performance throughout its life.
  • Nitrogen is a dry gas and so will not cause T.P.M.S equipment to corrode. This will help to save you money by not having to pay to replace T.P.M.S equipment earlier than you should.
  • A nitrogen inflated tyre operates at a cooler temperature as there is not the mixture of gases found in standard air. This means the tyre will not wear as fast and so last longer.
  • Nitrogen particles are large and therefore are unable to penetrate the tyres as easily. This means the tyre will maintain its correct pressure and so last longer, be more fuel-efficient and maintain optimum grip, handling, traction and braking performance for longer. This has the added benefit of reducing CO2 emissions by reducing the rolling resistance of tyres.


Questions and Answers


What is nitrogen tyre inflation?

Nitrogen gas is used in place of ordinary compressed air.

What is the advantage of nitrogen-filled tyres?

First is that nitrogen is less likely to migrate through tyre rubber than is oxygen, which means that your tyre pressures will remain more stable over the long term. Racers figured out pretty quickly that tyres filled with nitrogen rather than air also exhibit less pressure change with temperature swings.

What are the advantages of nitrogen?

Maintaining steady, proper tyre pressure increases tyre life, improves fuel economy, vehicle handling and safety. Oxygen readily permeates or leaks through the body of your tyres resulting in low tyre pressure. Because NitroFill is an inert dry gas, it prevents rust, rot and corrosion from occurring.

What are the disadvantages of nitrogen?

Nitrogen tyre inflation can be expensive and high maintenance but increase gas mileage and tyre life, among other advantages.

What happens when you mix air and nitrogen in a tyre?

The benefit isn't as great as nitrogen-filled tyres, but there is still benefit with a mix. The reason is that a mix still has less water vapour and oxygen than tyres that are filled with air only.

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